George Sansiveri

President / CEO


Mr. Sansiveri is the company's Founder, President and CEO.

During his career, Mr. Sansiveri has served as Director of Operations at Freedom Industries, Plant Engineer at Asher Brothers (division of Beatrice Foods), and Plant Engineer at Howard Johnson’s Commissary.

About Us

At George Sansiveri & Associates

We have over 30 years of extensive experience in plant engineering, processing and in new plant construction for USDA and FDA inspected facilities. Our company has designed factories, managed renovations, and developed processing lines for over 50 food companies during his career, and his specialties include: plant, product and process design; equipment specifications and troubleshooting; packaging design and development; productivity improvements; systems for electrical, HVAC, pneumatic, steam, gas, refrigeration, and waste; programs for preventative maintenance; and equipment installation and employee training.

Our staff has expertise in all aspects of the food industry including: refrigerated perishable foods (entrees, soups, sauces, fresh-cut produce, etc.), cheese, egg and dairy processing operations; bakery plants (frozen dough, pizza, Danish, pies, cakes, quiches, etc.) ; pasta processing plants with fresh, frozen, or shelf stable products; fish processing; meat processing plants (including ground beef, hamburgers, frankfurters, bologna, top rounds, pastrami, sausage, bacon, etc.); confectionery plants; and ethnic food products.