F&S Produce

Rosenhayn, NJ Plant
F&S Produce is a leading supplier of fresh cut and individually quick frozen (IQF) produce as well as specialty prepared refrigerated foods and purees. They service retail, food service and industrial customers throughout the northeast and Mid-Atlantic region.

When it came time to re-organize operations and expand its 30,000 sq ft operation to 55,000 sq ft and automate its produce operation they called on GSA to analyze the operation and create the design of the structure and flow or operations. Working with the F&S team, their local architect and equipment vendors we helped add refrigerated produce washing, processing, filling and packing rooms as well as a racked refrigerated storage space with a 40 degree 6 position shipping dock. We also helped with the layout of additional offices, ante rooms, truck refueling and scaling operations. Within the existing operation we provided designs for rotating and re-flowing the 5 process lines for produce size reduction and cleaning that is flumed to a packaging room. (we recently completed the redesign of the packaging room).

Then when automation was required for their fresh cut fruit operation we worked with their team and vendors to create multiple designs to automate and increase the output in 20,000 sq ft of their 60,000 sq ft second facility. We incorporated equipment designs from their Italian equipment supplier to automate washing, fluming, peeling, chunking, filling, wrapping, labeling, casing and palletizing. Included in the apple operation is segmenting, washing, automated conveying, multi-head scaling, bagging, metal detecting, coding, and casing. All rooms were designed with ante rooms access and HEPA filter air supplies. The addition of all this equipment was done over long weekends so as not to interfere with the plant’s production schedule.