Gourmet Boutique

Queens NY & Phoenix AZ Plants
Gourmet Boutique is a leading manufacturer of high quality specialty foods with facilities that we designed and built in Queens NY and Phoenix AZ. Gourmet Boutique is NSF GFSI SQF 2000 Level 3 certified and USDA and FDA inspected and regulated.

They process items such as grilled chicken breast, Home meal replacement entrees, quiches, Toras, and soufflés as well as side dishes such as potatoes, pasta dishes, stuffing’s, wraps and all types of specialty salads.

Gourmet Boutique needed to expand so they purchase a 50,000 square foot warehouse. They retained GSA to convert it into a 60,000 square foot food processing facility complete with roof top self contained refrigeration equipment, high pressure steam boilers for cooking kettles and hot water, an 11, 000 gallon liquid nitrogen storage system for a continuous nitrogen cooling tunnel, individual blast freezers for racked product cooling, a 10,000 sq ft second floor mezzanine for dry storage complete with 3 elevators for product flow into their clean room operations, a 6000 gallon CO2 storage tank for 4 MAP packaging lines, 6 receiving & shipping docks and offices with employee welfare rooms, labs, a maintenance shop and storage and a new 2500 amp 480 volt electrical service.

After the project was completed we were asked to help create another similar facility (25,000 sq ft) in Phoenix AZ. This project was successfully completed and is operating to cover the west coast distribution.