Hale & Hearty

Chester, NY
They created hundreds of soups since the beginning—for a deliciously wide variety that changes every day. No two menus are ever the same. But their soup is still made the same way it was the day we first opened: 100% from scratch, in our own kitchen, using local ingredients. And that's something we'll never change.

George Sansiveri & Associates helped design and build their own kitchen by moving them from a small processing operation in the Chelsea market, NYC, to their current 25,000 square foot multilevel food processing facility in Brooklyn NY. Working together with the CEO and NY Design Architects, we helped create what is a productive USDA processing operation close to all of their stores. With the addition of multiple tons of roof top refrigeration, over a dozen process kettles from 200 gallons up to 400 gallons in size, produce handling operations, etc.

Hale & Hearty is able to process over 300 lbs of soup per minute. There are well over 100 different types of soups created by Bruce their master chef and change over time takes mere minutes. Product automation takes hot product, fills it into pouches and or cups, then cools it down within 40 minutes for packaging into final cases. Refrigerated storage coolers hold the product until it can be shipped to the multiple outlet stores. After completing the facility we were called back to increase automation over multiple years as their business grew. We have been one of their go to designers over the years.