Nuovo Pasta

Stratford, CT
Today Nuovo Pasta products are made in a state-of-the-art facility where we combine contemporary flavors and ingredients with classic Italian pasta designs. Our hand craftsmanship and custom made Italian equipment replicate the age-old tradition of producing smooth, firm pasta, filled with chunky textured, rich flavored fillings.

The 40,000 plus square foot state of the art facility that Nuovo occupies in Connecticut was designed by George Sansiveri & Associates. Working with the owner, his team and construction manager, we helped to create a process facility that exceeds all USDA and FDA requirements. Automation from Italy selected by Nuovo was incorporated into the designs along with automated cooling and freezing process from the US. Nuovo has added multiple process lines designed together with GSA into the building along with cooking operations. They continue to grow and have added some additional offsite storage facilities to keep up with the growth. When they need more equipment or designs, GSA is their go to team.