Dr Schar Gluten Free Bakery

Swedesboro NJ Plant
While functioning as the acting plant engineer for the Rutgers Food Invocation Center, a USDA- FDA food processing facility we designed and built for Rutgers University in Bridgeton NJ, we helped Dr. Schar, an Italian manufacturer of Gluten free food products; make their entry into USA food processing production.

After a successful year of testing the concept of manufacturing in the US by installing ovens, mixers, fillers, pan loaders, proof boxes in the Rutgers FIC, Dr. Schar hired GSA to help their Italian engineers design and oversee construction of a 52,000 square foot automated Gluten Free bakery in Swedesboro NJ. In 1 years time we helped to complete the design, engineer the operation, bid & award the project with a design build partner and build this facility utilizing many machines imported from Europe. The facility is situated on 7 acres with the ability to expand by another 20,000 sq feet to double the production output per shift. It included interior building sour dough storage tanks, super sac flour handling with air blown product transfer, ( the design also allocated for 4 future silos),a chilled water distribution for cooling mixes, proofing, filler hoppers, etc: 3 continuous production lines for a variety of breads, rolls, and bagels; A unique continuous oven baking system, double spiral Hepa filtered air temperature and humidity cooling, a class 10,000 clean room for packaging systems, packaging equipment for form fill and seal packages, as well as bagged packages for either fresh or frozen items with a spiral freezer for frozen items.

The design included specialized waste management to control insects with 4 internally located compactors for varies waste streams. A high pressure boiler system with culinary steam and a humidity control system for control the humidity in the spiral coolers were designed and installed roof top at this facility. Before starting the design we visited two of their European production facilities to learn Dr. Schar’s standards and techniques.