Bakerly, LLC

Forks Township Plant
The design team worked together with IHCM as the design build builder along with their subcontractors and engineers to create the composite building in Easton PA. Comprised of various forms of construction including Precast panels, Block walls, Insulated panel walls , a 44 ft tall minus 10 F steel supported Insulated panel freezer , concrete pads for flour ,oil and future milk Silos.

The continuous production lines have been designed to produced crepes and brioche 24 hours a day and the facility can support it all with bulk material handling, mixing, blending, molding and baking equipment as well as 640 pallet storage freezer that can be doubled in size. We are acting as the owners representative with all trades including the refrigeration contactor who is incorporating an Ammonia and Chilled water system into the facility. Scheduled to open in the spring of 2017 this facility can be doubled in size when sales volumes increase.